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For agents and advisors who are contracted with First Annuity, The Conservative Investor is a method of prospecting that offers clients and prospects a 30,000-foot view of many different types of investments. The intent is to help them come to the same conclusion that we already know – there is no other option in the entire financial realm better suited to help conservative investors achieve their retirement and income goals than an indexed annuity!

Use it as a powerful, motivating business card! This book is ‘presented’ by you and, therefore, has your picture and brief bio printed on the back of each copy. Many of our producers give a copy to everyone they come in contact with.

Your NAME is printed on the cover and on the inside first page.

Your COLOR PHOTO and BIO is printed the back cover.

√ Give one to every client who attends your seminar.
√ Give one to every lead you meet with in person.
√ Encourage your clients and prospects to read SAFE MONEY and then SHARE the book with friends and family.


$7.50 for 50 books

$6.50 for 100 books

$6.00 for 200+

Sales Kit Covers

Sales Kit Covers are enhanced presentation folders. Each folder has inside pockets with business card slits as well as center “tangs” to insert 3hp client portfolio sheets.

Sales Kit Cover can be customized like Safe Money books.


Customized Kit Cover Folder (with profile picture and bio) – No Tangs

$3.00 each: 100 One-Pocket Folders

$4.00 each: 100 Two-Pocket Folders

$3.50 each: 50 One-Pocket Folders

$4.50 each: 50 Two-Pocket Folders

Stock Non-Customized Kit Cover Folder (no profile picture or bio) -No Tangs

 $2.90 each: Two-Pocket Folders (Minimum order 100)

with tangs – add $1.90 per folder

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